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Please note that the Oxford Detective Bureau and our operatives act exclusively within the guidelines of the Association of British Investigators' (ABI) Code of Ethics, which means that we always act within the Law.

  Domestic and Matrimonial Investigations Back to Contents

If you are worried about about a relation in a "bad situation", infidelity or a cheating partner and you need answers to any suspicions that you have, we can offer you help.

We understand that contacting an investigator to check on a loved one is a very difficult decision, but often it is the "not knowing" that is the worst aspect of the situation. An investigation can at least give you the facts to put you in control so that you can choose with confidence whatever action you may wish to take to secure your future.

Don't feel that you are unusual or paranoid - private investigators are employed in about half of divorce proceedings in the UK, so you are not alone in following this method of enquiry to try to discover the facts about your relationship.

We have experienced investigators, both male and female, and we will always do our best to help in a sensitive and professional manner with domestic or matrimonial situations.

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  Fraud Investigation Back to Contents

We can undertake investigations into allegations of fraud and corruption of varying nature and complexity. Theft and misuse of company resources happen frequently by employees and misrepresentation about disability and medical conditions can lead to unnecessary losses.

A common request is to check on employees who have left a company for whatever reason and it is suspected they might not be abiding by the terms of their contract. This could be poaching clients or breaking the terms of a franchise and seeing clients privately.

We can investigate, conduct formal witness interviews and take statements with suspects and witnesses in accordance with current legislation and Codes of Practice and provide you with the evidence you need to make the situation clear.

  Background Checks Back to Contents

In a great many cases you might need to know some more about someone's background. It could be that your teenage daughter is seeing someone much older than she is and their story doesn't seem quite right. You could be a busy professional not having the time to confirm all the references or claims on an employee's CV or you could be considering a business relationship and want to know your potential partner's track record in business.

We can make sure that you have the information you need so that you can make an informed choice about what to do.

  Process Serving Back to Contents

We offer a prompt and reliable service within our area for the Process Serving of Legal Documents and Court Orders. This includes drawing up the appropriate Certificate, Affidavit or having the paperwork Notarized for our US cousins.

Documents can be sent to us by mail, email or we can collect from your office or the Court directly. Service can be effected at any time of the day or night in order to ensure effective delivery.

The primary areas that we cover include the following Postcodes: All OX and SN; RG7, 8, 14, 19 and 20; HP18; GL7 and 54

We also offer easy access to a worldwide network of Process Servers through the A.B.I. and W.I.N.

  Peace of Mind Check Back to Contents

If you are away from home or on holiday abroad, we can offer you peace of mind. It might be that you have heard a worrying rumour about a wild party organised by your son or daughter while you are away, or you are just concerned about your property and you don't want to call the Police.

Alternatively, you might have a rental property or lock-up garage and you are worried about just what your tenants are up to. We can even check on your allotment to make sure your prize pumpkins are still there before the County Show.

We can discreetly and professionaly investigate the situation and provide you with a report clarifying exactly what is going on.

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  Tracing Missing Persons Back to Contents

We can locate missing persons and provide you with an exact current address for the individual you are seeking. We locate missing persons, long lost friends and relatives, missing heirs and people who are difficult to find. You will need to provide us with as much information as you can with the full name, date of birth and a previous address being the usual minimum, but sometimes we can manage on less.

This service is offered on the basis that you only pay for results - if we are unable to locate the person you are looking for, there is no fee.

  Personal Courier Back to Contents

We can offer a fast, reliable, personal courier service for those important documents that you need to have absolute confidence that they reach their intended destination. We are able to provide a flexible, bespoke service to suite your precise needs, at very competitive rates that you wouldn't be able to get from a standard delivery company.

In the event that you need something delivered farther afield, we can, of course, provide a full worldwide service at a fixed daily rate, plus expenses.

  Locus Reports and Photographic Services Back to Contents

We can act for Insurers, Solicitors, and Private Individuals to gather evidence on specific locations, such as road traffic accidents to either support or disprove a claim. We will visit the scene and compile all the necessary information and evidence to generate a full locus report. This will usually involve the taking of measurements, collecting witness statements, preparation of a sketch-plan and obtaining photographic evidence.

We have experienced operatives with a wide range of photographic equipment. We can ensure that you have evidential quality imagery, both still and high-definition video, in confined spaces, at long distances and in low light.

We are able to provide digital media or hardcopy prints of the elements of interest along with the appropriate continuity of evidence data to support civil or criminal proceedings.

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