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Please note that the Oxford Detective Bureau and our operatives act exclusively within the guidelines of the Association of British Investigators' (ABI) Code of Ethics, which means that we always act within the Law.

  Cyber Security Education and Training Back to Contents

Cyber Security is an area that may seem complex and difficult to many, but ignoring the dangers can leave individuals vulnerable and businesses likely to suffer loss. We offer a service to provide Cyber security education and training to small businesses, schools and colleges. These can range from individual lectures, half-day courses, to educational participation wargames teaching Cyber subjects.

We can customise these to suit your business or audience at very competitive rates.

  Business Continuity Investigation Back to Contents

Running a small to medium enterprise is tough enough at the best of times, especially in the current climate. It is highly likely that you depend on your IT systems for your business - but what if they should fail? As a professional you will probably have some sort of backup system just in case. When was the last time you checked out your backup plan? Have you ever checked it out? What would be the impact on your business if it failed?

We can provide a review of your Business Continuity plan in order to give you peace of mind and confidence in your system. We can even conduct a complete run through exercise of your backup systems, should you want to have absolute proof that everything is working as it should.

  Trustee and Governor Vetting Back to Contents

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations recommends that Charitable Organisations are governed by Trustees. Trustees are people who serve on the governing body of a charitable organisation or company and are responsible for the general control and management of the administration. In most cases they are professional people offering their time and expertise for free in support of a cause they believe in.

They may be unpaid, but the organisation still has a responsibility to ensure they have a financially sound and trustworthy background. We provide a service to check references and conduct interviews by an operative with many years experience in the Charity Sector to ensure peace of mind and that your organisation has met the requirements for due diligence.

  Locksmith and Non-Distructive Entry Back to Contents

We have a NNAL professionally qualified Locksmith on our staff, able to make security recommendations on your property, as well as provide discreet non-destructive entry to your premises, lockers, cabinets, lock-ups, and garages.

The National Network of Approved Locksmiths (NNAL) was formed in 2003. The goal of the organisation is to provide the public and private sectors with total peace of mind & quality of workmanship when using a locksmith or security professional to solve their security issues or problems.

  Computer Investigation and Data Recovery Back to Contents

Computer Investigation can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming business. You need to be aware though, that it is quite possible to gather sufficient information relatively easily and cost effectively that, while it may not be admissable in a Court, is enough to give you very good grounds to make a judgement on how to proceed. In any case, the electronic investigation is non-destructive and will allow a full forensic investigation to take place at a later stage should it become necessary to support Court proceedings.

Our operatives are experienced in investigating PCs and laptops using the Windows operating system and data recovery from all types of drive, both internal and external, as well as all kinds of memory sticks, cards and USB devices. We operate our data recovery service on the basis that you won't have to pay us anything unless we recover at least some of your data.

  Computer Security and Parental Controls Back to Contents

There is an ever increasing risk to your personal data and financial information from computer viruses and on-line fraud. We can service your PC or laptop and provide the level of security that is appropriate to your unique circumstances, providing properly configured firewalls and anti-virus services as well as military-grade encryption for your private data. We can also provide advice and recommendations on security best practices and data backup solutions. We can use commercial software or the highest quality open-source solutions to ensure value for money and the freedom from vendor specific upgrade paths.

With almost unlimited access to the internet there are legitimate concerns for parents and legal guardians as to exacty that impressionable or naive young people are exposed to. We can provide monitoring systems so that you can "keep an eye on them" for your peace of mind.